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New Client - When a new client calls our offices for assistance with a temporary or permanent staffing need, one of our in-house professional recruiters will take all the preliminary information in order to get a search started. At that time, our recruiter will ask the client for a personal visit. We want to meet our clients face-to-face. We have found this to be a significant benefit. By knowing our clients, understanding their team needs and dynamics, and learning their corporate culture, we have been able to save our clients time with the entire process. We can much more quickly make that perfect match.

Existing Client - When an existing client calls with a temporary or permanent staffing need, we hope that we have already had a chance to personally meet the client. If not, we will ask for a personal visit at that time. We will take all the information regarding the position, the type of candidate who would best fit the team, the required skill set, and the position salary range.

Interviewing the Candidate - We will set interviews for you to meet our candidates at your convenience, get initial feedback from the candidates, and help to facilitate the interviewing process.

The Offer / Our Guarantees - When the client selects one of our candidates to join their team, we ask that the client call our offices so that we can extend the offer to the candidate. If there are concerns or questions, we want to handle them immediately with our candidate. We want to know that we have completed everything and have made the perfect match for the client and the position.

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