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In an effort to be "full-service" to our client companies, we offer employers the opportunity to utilize our recruiting/staffing services and/or our advertising services:

RECRUITING / STAFFING - Typically, we recruit and provide qualified candidates (either temporary or permanent) for those clients who...
- are frustrated at wasting their time sifting through hundreds of resumes to find that perfect candidate - only to have that person turn them down by the time they are ready to make an offer.
- are concerned with the cost involved in hiring the "wrong" person, without having a back-up candidate available.
- are upset because they have worked with recruiters in the past who have sent a "warm body" instead of a qualified and skilled candidate.
- are under pressure because they have a deadline to meet without having staff members to get the job done.

ADVERTISING - The employers who post their jobs on the D&B network are typically employers who:
- need to get their job openings in front of thousands of highly-qualified, skilled candidates.
- want to reach senior-level / experienced candidates nationwide without running advertisements in hundreds of local papers.

Our Recruiting Services
At D&B, we pride ourselves on maintaining great relationships with our client companies.

For years, employers have relied on the D&B team to provide qualified candidates to fit their staffing needs. We utilize our extensive network and our developed candidate database to recruit, screen, and identify the top candidates to meet our clients' needs.

We strive to make "perfect job/candidate matches" part of our normal and expected service.

Our clients describe us as...
"The recruiters who consistenly provide qualified candidates, who actually fit the job requirements."

Contingency / Risk-Free Service
The fees for our professional services are fair and are highly competitive. Our services are contracted on a contingency / risk-free basis. You pay nothing unless you select a candidate through us.

Please see our process for details on what you can expect when you select the D&B team as your recruiting partners.

For details on posting your job openings on the D&B website, please see advertising services.

To learn more about the services we provide, please contact us.