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When you submit your resume for a job, you are competing with hundreds of other candidates for one job opening. And, if you actually get an interview, you are probably one of 10 or more "finalists" competing for the job.

  • Do you know how to interview to best sell yourself?
  • Do you know how to use a cover letter?
  • Do you know that sending an unsolicited resume to a company screams "marriage" when you haven't even had a date!?!?

We can coach you on best techniques...help you to develop your personal marketing "tools"...help you to improve your odds at winning!

Our associates are experienced career coaches who can help you with a variety of marketing tools.

On a "fee-for-services basis," we will meet with candidates personally to:

Create a new resume
We will sit down with you to go over your background, experience, and skills to develop a resume that will properly market you.
Edit an existing resume
If you have a resume with useable dates, companies, position titles, and responsibilities listed, we will edit it to more-strongly market your skills and abilities.
Uncover Your Interview Mistakes
If you have had 3 interviews without a job offer, you're doing something wrong!
You might be answering questions incorrectly….saying the wrong things….asking questions you shouldn't ask.
Your "body language" could be saying things about your personality.
By conducting a mock interview, we can uncover your interview mistakes and outline techniques to overcoming them.
Uncover Your Marketable Skills
Practice Interview Techniques
To uncover your marketable skills and develop your personal techniques, we will give you a detailed worksheet to complete so that we can begin your process. Then, we'll show you how to use your marketable skills to your best advantage.
Practice Makes Perfect. Once we have your information, we will develop interview techniques and coach you on properly using the techniques. Know what to say and what not to say. Know how to negotiate your salary. Know how to ask for the job.
Create Targeted Letters
Thank-You Letter: Are you addressing "problems" that came up during the interview in your thank-you letter? You should be!

Cover Letter: Are you sending a cover letter that really matches your qualifications to the job requirements? Are those qualifications outlined on your resume? How are you addressing your salary expectations? Do you know how to turn that "cover" letter into your targeted resume? We can set you apart from the crowd!

Net-Working Letter: Are you using a "net-working" letter to tell everyone you know that you're looking for a job? You are smart if this step is a part of your job search!

Direct-Marketing Letter: Are you sending out "direct-marketing" letters to targeted companies instead of using your resume? You should be doing this!
Did you know...Your direct-market letter will catch attention far faster than your resume?
Your unsolicited resume screams "marriage" when you haven't even had a date!
("Uncovering your Marketable Skills" is a pre-requisite to the creation of a direct-marketing letter.)

For additional information on our job-search coaching, please contact Bob Burnett at (303) 883-0383 or visit the Burnett and Associates website